Stan Bond brings us this sad news from the States

I just learned of the death of Peter Hobcraft, an old CVTHS student. Since I’m living in the United States, I don’t know much more, but believe the funeral is this Wed, if anyone wishes to search the internet for details. I was in the first class at Cray Valley and he was a student at the same time but joined the school at age 15 I think. I don’t see him on the register, but some of our folks will remember him I’m sure
He recently lived in Bolebroke Castle and I found an interesting link to the paranormal….oooooh!
Maybe he will contact us himself!
Peter Hobcraft used to date my sister in the 60’s, when we knew him from a church group. He was a little odd, & a bit eccentric, but like most people…interesting. He was a bit of an entrepreneur. As part of the old church group, he would arrange  camping trips to Europe each summer. This evolved into an adventure tour business, which he ran for many years. I think he was one of the first in this business and put together groups with a driver/courier for travel all over the world. That business subsequently evolved into a coach hire business I recall. As for the castle, my sister takes credit for spotting the real estate listing as they were waiting at a bus stop (the Rolls had to have been in the shop…no kidding). He bought the half of the castle being sold and this evolved into a medieval feasting, B&B operation, which I think he was running until his death. Just so you won’t be disappointed, the castle isn’t the fairy book kind, but was one of the first built without turrets etc, after they proved a poor defense from cannon balls. I call it more of a manor house, but impressive non-the-less. Peter showed me around it soon after he had bought it and I recall it having the second largest fireplace in the UK, big enough for trees, or a full set of sitting room furniture.

He apparently died of lung cancer only diagnosed in the last month.  Here is the announcement in the Telegraph.

A note from my sister: Henry VIII used the castle when he went hunting for wild boar and venison in the nearby Ashdown Forest. Anne Boleyn, who lived at Hever Castle 5 miles away was courted by Henry VIII from there.
Stan Bond

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  1. Adrian Appley says:

    I was saddened to learn of the death of Peter. I well remember the good lad. We used to say “Hobcraft, Hobcraft practicing his knobcraft”. Not very flattering but I am sure he is smiling down on us.


  2. loraine cant says:

    We had a wonderful party at Bolebroke in November 2011 to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of our company. Peter was an absolute star and made our gathering quite memorable for both us and our clients.
    The fire he created, the wonderful dinner and “nothing a problem” mentality as we danced in to the wee small hours!

    We promised to return. I’m just sorry you won’t be there to greet us.

    Mr and Mrs D Cant


  3. Diane says:

    I was reminiscing my past today and thought of Peter then looked him up on Google and found your link. I worked at his company Tentrek/Transcity as my first ever job.
    The video clip is great to see although all those years ago Peter spotted a rather thick beard. Yes I agree he was at times eccentric and so to were his parents who would turn up and you could see how affectionate they were towards him which made me smile as he tried to play it down in front of us staff.
    I’m sad to hear of his passing and hope that any family or close friends see that Peter will be remembered with affection.

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