Now here’s some serious stuff! This is a little light bedtime reading for you. For all those attending the reunion in May there will be a written examination at 4.00pm and a pass rate of 75% will need to be achieved before you will be allowed out of the building!  All those wearing a Lapel Badge will be exempt from the examination!

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CVTHS Report001

CVTHS Report002

CVTHS Report003

CVTHS Report004

CVTHS Report005

CVTHS Report006

CVTHS Report007

CVTHS Report008

CVTHS Report009

CVTHS Report010

CVTHS Report011

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  1. Thank goodness I ordered my lapel badge! Really don’t do exams any more. The School report is still Interesting reading though Colin. Thanks for posting.

    Regards Ken

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  2. Roger Walker says:

    A very good report but it made me wonder what the inspector majored in.

    The school described in the report was much better and bigger than the school I knew ten years earlier.


  3. Barry Jackson says:

    The truth at last! I obviously wasn’t as overweight as I thought, it was just a case of the school being smaller than the then Building Regulations permitted.


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