What Have YOUR Children Achieved?


In our website pages on ‘Old Boys’ Stories’ you can read about some of the very interesting lives that ex-pupils of our School have had and some of the amazing things they have achieved. But what of their sons and daughters or indeed grandsons and granddaughters? At present we know nothing of their achievements. Mel Moore, a long time resident of Japan has been in touch recently on the subject of the St. Georges Chapel at Biggin Hill and in the ensuing conversations mentioned proudly that his son was a musician. The video above shows Kazuki Moore confidently playing the cello in front of an audience in Ely Cathedral earlier this summer. For a particularly beautiful piece go to 12 minutes 30 secs.

Whose Daughter is This?

Whether your sons and daughters have achieved fame and fortune or simply achieved a personal milestone like completing the London Marathon we really would like to hear from you telling us what you are most proud of. I certainly know of one son who has served in Iraq, a daughter who has secured a place at RADA and another who, along with her partner, is an international award-winning sculptress who has incorporated 3D printing into her works. However, we need more details and your permission to publish them on the blog. So come on, we know you’re proud of what they’ve done so please send in those details, photos, videos or audio recording so we can all share in your pride. I am sure that the results will not only be  most interesting but it will be confirmation that the Cray Valley DNA has been passed on to the next generations! Please email any information to publish@cvths.com.


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