This email received today from Archive Committee member Norman Baldwin. Can we help?



Having found the CVTHS website in 2013, I was pleased to see a number of names in the Register (of the 1957 intake) that I recognised.  However, I was very disappointed that none of my VIth Form Chemistry Class (1962-64) was listed.  Then, in July 2014, Derek Churchill, a fellow metallurgist  contacted me, having also found the website. I then found Steve Tebby and the 3 of us resolved to find the other 13 members of our class.  To date, we have managed to make contact with 9 of them; 1 of whom is sadly quite ill.  Another 2 have died, leaving 2 to find, namely Peter C. Cramp and Andrew R. Thompson. 

A fortnight ago 9 of us (together with 6 of the wives) had a reunion in Royal Leamington Spa expertly arranged by Steve Tebby.  As one might expect after 53 years, there was a lot of catching up to do.  I’m sure “Joe” Kingsland and the rest of his staff would have been proud of our varied work and contributions we’ve all made in our careers.

If anyone knows of the whereabouts of Peter C. Cramp and Andrew R. Thompson, please let me know, as we will all be delighted to renew our friendships with them.

 Norman E. Baldwin

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