This morning down at the beach.


Over the past 16 years we have amassed quite a collection of both archive and more recent images for our library. There is a gallery called ‘How We Looked Then’ and another called ‘How We Look Now’. Unfortunately there are a lot of photos in the latter gallery which are now up to 15 years old! So here is another appeal for more photographs please. You may not be able to locate archive material but why not send us a snap of yourself as you look today?

Barry Warren (1957 – 1964)


Recently joined member Barry Warren kindly sent us this email with a nice clear scan of an archive photograph from 1961:


This photo has been in the family for 56 years or so and has recently surfaced whilst going through my Mother’s old bits and bobs (she passed away late last year aged 96).  I have seen it in the Rook but until now I would not have been able to name all the guilty parties.  However on finding the original it appears that I was forward thinking enough in 1960/61 to have written down all the names and their playing positions on the back of the photo.  I hope that you might find this interesting for inclusion in the web page and/or blog.
These are the names:
L-R Back Row:
Barry Warren (Goalie, Outside Right)
Clive Oxford (Inside Left)
Rob Halliwell (Right Back, Outside Right)
John Gale (Manager)
John Rolling (Inside Right, Centre Forward)
Chris Brown (Outside Left, Left Half)

M Smith (Right Back)

L-R Front Row

Peter Rugman (Centre Forward, Inside Right, Outside Right)
Geoff Walter (Left Half)
Martin Ramsey (Centre Half, Captain)
Pete Tregenna (Left Back, Outside Left)

Graham Guy (Right Half, Goalie for 1 game)

Some nice old football terms there – and we all seem to have played in various positions. I think there must have been another goalie because I seem to remember playing on the wing for a bit, but that may have been the next season.

I notice that Norman Baldwin posted about a reunion of the UVIth Chemistry group the other week – I was there and had a good time reminiscing and finding out how the class of 64 had changed the world.  Interestingly NONE of the football team shown were in the Chemistry group so obviously didn’t attend the reunion. I also could not find too many of them on the Register to be able to add first names, most of the Christian names are from the deep recesses of my grey RAM (and it’s getting more random as the years progress 😦 )

Barry Warren

Newbury since 1971

About Colin Cadle

I trained as a pilot at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell flying jets and qualified as a captain on Wessex search and rescue helicopters in the Gulf. However, my professional future was destined to be firmly back on the ground... In 1976 a chance introduction to Julie Andrews' husband film producer Blake Edwards really kicked off my interest in photography after he invited me onto the set of the Peter Sellers' now classic film 'The Pink Panther Strikes Again' at Shepperton Studios. Stills photographer David Farrell further fired my enthusiasm when, during a break in filming, I was offered a short photo shoot with leading fashion model and 'Bond girl' actress Maud Adams. From that moment on art and photography have always played a major part in my life. I now live in the beautiful southwest corner of England with​ my designer and photo-stylist wife Jan. Following a serious illness in 2016 we were forced to leave commercial photography behind us but this now allows me to concentrate solely on creating art from my studio in Devon

6 responses »

  1. Pat Acock says:

    Dear Colin,

    In the team it was Geoff Walter. I’ll try harder with pictures etc.



  2. Adrian Appley says:

    It was so good to see the 1961 photo and my grateful thanks to Barry for submitting it.


  3. Geoff Walter says:

    Morning all.

    Not quite sure why Pat Acock has named me as Barry (alias ‘Bunny’ to the football team, as I recall) has correctly given my name and position. I definitely never played in goal, if that was Pat’s recollection.

    I have a copy of the same photo with surnames and positions recorded on the back. I can offer from memory some of the missing first names: Clive Oxford; Rob Halliwell (I think); John Rolling; Chris Brown; apologies to M. Smith as memory fails me!

    The missing goalkeeper was Brimacombe who was absent on the day the photo was taken – again memory fails me for his first name.

    Also, I have copies of the 1961/62 Under 15 Football team and 1964/65 Ist XI Hockey team with initials/surnames and positions recorded. I’ll have to check but I believe both photos are already on the website with individuals identified. Otherwise I’ll upload them.



  4. Clive Stanyon says:

    Dear Colin,

    I still have my first year photo from 1966 and it is attached.

    I think that I may have a hockey team photo too, so I will try to find that.

    Best wishes,

    Clive Stanyon


  5. Clive Stanyon says:

    Dear Colin,

    I have found the hockey team photo, attached. I am at the right hand end of the back row. I wonder if anybnody can remember the names of the others.


    Clive Stanyon


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