Further to Barry Warren’s recent photo of the Under 14 Football team from 1960/61 here’s another team photo.  It’s of the 1st XI Hockey team (1964/65 season) which doesn’t appear to be on the CVTHS website.


1st Hockey X1 – 1964-65



At the time I noted on the photo’s back the name and position of each player.  However, I only noted first name initials and unfortunately can no longer recall all names.  The team, with first names that I do recall, was as follows:

Back row L to R: Duncan Truscott – Left Half; M. Allchin – Inside Left.

Centre row L to R: Graham Guy – Right Half; Geoff Walter – Centre Forward; David Baker – Left Back; J. Hall – reserve forward.

Front row L to R: Rick Gillings – Right Back; Martin Ramsey (Vice Captain) – Centre Half; John Barton (Captain) – Inside Right; John Bond – Goalkeeper; Philip (Pip) Gray – Outside Right; J. Black – Outside Left.

Of the other names, maybe someone will be able to fill in the blanks?

All the best and keep up the great work.

Geoff Walter (1958-1965)


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  1. Adrian Appley says:

    It was good to see yet another photo from the 1960s. I left CVTS in 1959 so cannot recognise any of the lads in the photo.


  2. Derek Nash says:

    I think that’s a first. Can’t help with names but Geoff Walters was in my class at CVTHS.

    Unless I have missed something there has been almost no mention of the 58/63 years that I can recall. To be fair, we were a pretty average lot, me being a bit less average than others.

    (No names but one of my classmates did, reportedly, get sent down for armed robbery and another for fraud. Not the most glorious intake then!)


    • Colin Cadle says:

      Hi Derek, I think I have to disagree with you about 1958-1963 content. I was very much there then and I think you’ll find a huge amount on the website and this blog which occurs during that period. Put any of those dates into the ‘search’ panel and just see what comes up you may be surprised!


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