I thought you may be interested in my little story of things that have happened post CVTHS.

For one small part of my career I qualified as a Radiation Protection Advisor and part of that process was to attend a four week international residential course.  As usual on the first day we had to introduce ourselves and explain what we were all about.  Two of the group were memorable – one guy simply got up and said “My name is Mark. I am from Switzerland.  I like fine wine and women” then promptly sat down.  He was memorable for that intro – one that I have used a few times since!  

Then a girl got up and explained her name was Cecilia and she was with the Australian Nuclear Energy Commission, but that she was an ex pat. To cut what I usually make to be a very long story short it turned out that she was one of our peers (1957-1964), hailed from Orpington (Green St Green) and went to Orpington Girl’s Grammar. 

When at CVTS the VIth form organised a Christmas Dance (did discos exist then?) in the canteen area.  That involved inviting those funny creatures with bumps on their chests (the ones we had been segregated from for seven years or so).  Cecilia was one of the invitees to that event and remembered going.  So we met up 28 years later in a Portacabin in Harwell separated by 10,000 miles or so – spooky or what?  Had I been able to dance then my life story might well have taken an entirely different route and I could have forged a career in Australia.

 PS I have since learnt to dance (if you can call Modern Jive dancing) and did manage to win a UK competition down at Weston Super Mare at age 60.  Just to make it a little more difficult it was “Double Trouble” – one man, two girls (neither of whom were the wife!).

Barry Warren (1957-1964)

About Colin Cadle

I trained as a pilot at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell flying jets and qualified as a captain on Wessex search and rescue helicopters in the Gulf. However, my professional future was destined to be firmly back on the ground... In 1976 a chance introduction to Julie Andrews' husband film producer Blake Edwards really kicked off my interest in photography after he invited me onto the set of the Peter Sellers' now classic film 'The Pink Panther Strikes Again' at Shepperton Studios. Stills photographer David Farrell further fired my enthusiasm when, during a break in filming, I was offered a short photo shoot with leading fashion model and 'Bond girl' actress Maud Adams. From that moment on art and photography have always played a major part in my life. I now live in the beautiful southwest corner of England with​ my designer and photo-stylist wife Jan. Following a serious illness in 2016 we were forced to leave commercial photography behind us but this now allows me to concentrate solely on creating art from my studio in Devon

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  1. Mel Moore says:

    We had a dance in the canteen area too (1970-72)! Our interesting aliens were from Beaverwood Girls Grammar, Sidcup . Memorable, actually, and, almost unbelievably, we had a ticket entitling us to two glasses of beer each! Would you get away with that now? Also, we put on a joint drama production with them which wasn’t bad. I was “Sir Toby Belch” in “Twelfth Night” in the LVI. Where are they now? Sue, Sue, Irene, Jean…

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  2. Roger Walker says:

    Apart from my present condition, I have only broken my nose in rugby and dancing. Jiving with great energy with a lovely girl – she spun round with her elbow up as I leaned forward to catch her and …. her lovely white dress splattered by my bleeding nose.
    I love dancing to this day.


    • Barry Warren says:

      Roger – No broken noses. Just torn knee ligaments followed a couple of years later by torn shoulder tendons – it’s taken 2.5 years and £4000 to get it back to some semblance of normality! Despite what people say you cannot dance off injuries! It’s a bit like a gym workout but the apparatus is blond with long legs! (Hope the wife doesn’t read this 🙂 )

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  3. Adrian Appley says:

    Good morning Colin, Thank you so much for the EXCELLENT copy of your dad’s 8mm.. film of the Orpington carnival from the 1960s. Can you send a copy to my dear friend Lucy at Bromley Library archives – Lucy.Allen@bromley.gov.uk – who could well be interested in seeing it ? Thanks, Adrian.


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