Michael Mathews in School uniform circa 1962

Michael Mathews

Michael is the son of well-remembered and much loved Head of Engineering Bob Mathews who left us at far too young an age. Michael lives with his wife Mandi in Argalasti, Greece and sends us two ‘then’ and one ‘now’ photographs.


Michael Mathews as a student apprentice at GA Harvey – Charlton, 1966.


Michael with wife Mandi and grandson – living in Argalasti, Greece 2017


Did you invent anything?


The other tap does the white wine!


Cray Valley was a hotbed of all things mechanical and electrical when I attended in the the late 50s and early 60s and I just wonder sometimes if there are any old boys who can lay claim to inventing anything which became a success? Maybe you were part of a team which conceived, designed or created a useful product which is now sold all over the world or maybe helped to create a landmark building, road or airport? If so, please send in details to publish@cvths.com for publication and photographs or scans if you have them.


Although we are rapidly approaching the end of 2017 there is still plenty of time to make your Voluntary Contribution for the year. We are somewhat down this year so any small contributions would be more than gratefully received. Thank you.

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