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Barry Butler writes:

Earlier this year I discovered an old scruffy record I had made of the Hockey 1st X1 results and goal scorers in the ’60/61 season. I sent a scan of it to Colin Brook as I thought he may be interested and it may bring back some memories but I heard nothing from him.

On Sunday I rang him to check he had received it and found he has changed his email address  He also had a problem with his computer and lost all his records of addresses and contacts. (Colin’s email is now updated in the Register). Colin confirmed he is in good health and still much involved in village life in Westfield, East Sussex. Besides being a Governor of a local school he is also a Vice President of the cricket club in which he takes a keen interest.

Colin introduced me to hockey at CVTHS in ’59/60 and it made quite an impact as I only retired 50 seasons later in 2010! He and I both played at Bromley where at one time we had three ex CVTHS pupils in the 1st X1, Mel Pulford, John Barton and myself.

Going back to the record of the CVTHS 60/61 season I would be interested to know whether any of the others named continued playing. Looking through the register, only Chris Donaldson’s name seems to be there. I know Mel Pulford and Chris Munns are sadly no longer with us but does anyone know the whereabouts of the others ?

Similarly, the recent photo of the team in ’64/5 posted by Barry Warren reminded me of a few familiar faces and I wonder if anyone has contact with John Barton who I think moved to the Leicester area in the late ’60`s.
Best regards,
Barry Butler
Brasted, Kent – 10 Oct 2017

About Colin Cadle

I trained as a pilot at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell flying jets and qualified as a captain on Wessex search and rescue helicopters in the Gulf. However, my professional future was destined to be firmly back on the ground... In 1976 a chance introduction to Julie Andrews' husband film producer Blake Edwards really kicked off my interest in photography after he invited me onto the set of the Peter Sellers' now classic film 'The Pink Panther Strikes Again' at Shepperton Studios. Stills photographer David Farrell further fired my enthusiasm when, during a break in filming, I was offered a short photo shoot with leading fashion model and 'Bond girl' actress Maud Adams. From that moment on art and photography have always played a major part in my life. I now live in the beautiful southwest corner of England with​ my designer and photo-stylist wife Jan. Following a serious illness in 2016 we were forced to leave commercial photography behind us but this now allows me to concentrate solely on creating art from my studio in Devon

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  1. David Baker says:

    Dear Barry,
    I am not mentioned on your note but do appear in the photo you talked about. John Barton was very much the star of our team as I remember it, and was a close friend during our school days but I lost contact with him after going to University – coincidentally to Leicester. So I echo your wish to get back in contact!
    Like you I was introduced to Hockey by Mr Brook and playing greatly enriched my University days as it meant I travelled all over the Midlands and the North to away games, and made many friends outside my subject areas. More dubiously, since we usually travelled with the Rugby teams, I learned a lot of songs as well.
    I played Hockey only occasionally after university, as I became more involved with cricket which was always my first love. I played (badly) for Rolvenden in Kent until I was nearly sixty.
    As I mentioned elsewhere on the blog we now live in southern Spain and both cricket and hockey teams are as thin on the ground as rocking horse excrement.
    I do hope others with hockey or cricket memories might write, in especially with photos or memorabilia.
    Regards to all,
    David Baker (58 – 65)


    • Barry Butler says:

      David, many thanks for your contribution. I do recognise you in the photo and wonder whether you played in the game that Colin arranged between the School and an old boys X1 sometime around that time or a year or so later.
      Perhaps hockey isn’t popular in your part of Southern Spain but elsewhere they have some very good clubs. I have been to the Real de Polo Cub in Barcelona several times for their New Year Tournament .
      I was also involved in the early days of indoor hockey and played against a side representing Spain in Arras, Northern France. I seem to remember many of their team had previously been roller hockey players !

      All the best,



  2. Michael Mathews says:

    Has anyone heard from John Barton recently – we were good friends but have unfortunately lost contact


  3. Rick Gillings says:

    Likewise for me. The last time I saw John was 20 years ago at my 50th birthday bash. At that time John was living in Saffron Walden, only about 20 minutes from my house in Little Hallingbury. Regarding my playing Hockey, I continued to play for Orpington until moving down to the Medway Towns in 1970. Their I continued to play Badminton but retired from the hockey scene. Thanks for the photo reminder


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