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Ian Remembers


I read with interest the blog about Michael Mathews and it reminded me of the times that we went hitch-hiking and Youth Hostelling with other lads from CVTHS during school holidays. I attach a photograph that I found of four of us sitting on a bridge near I believe a Youth Hostel by Dartington Hall near Totnes. From left to right are Roger Harden, Michael, myself and Rick Gillings. I recall that the photo may have been taken by Howard Leslie who was later tragically killed at Beachy Head.

Between our group we often split up and travelled across the UK by hitch-hiking and youth hostelling, a means of travelling that has unfortunately been denied later generations due to security risks.



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  1. Norman Baldwin says:

    Any idea of the date? 1963?


  2. Clive Hollis says:

    Hi Ian

    Do you remember all those weekends spent at my house fixing up a BSA Bantam 125. We also had some great times at your house in Bexleyheath. I hope you are keeping well. Clive (Hollis)


  3. Michael Mathews says:

    Wow! well done Ian for having this photo – a point in time always to be remembered, but 54 years ago – frightening. Good to here from you.


  4. Rick Gillings says:

    Thanks for the photo Ian, as Michael says, great memories. I remember we went down there for a long weekend with a day to get down and a day travelling back. We could certainly cover good distances hitchhiking and all before the arrival of the M25 Motorway!


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