Register and Blog Email Addresses are Independent

Geoff Punnett was kindly in touch today to say that he is still receiving Blog notifications via an outdated email address. Our sincere thanks go out to Geoff for highlighting a potential problem.

When you register for updates on the Blog the system will continue sending them to the address given until you change it manually. Changing your address on the Register will not update the address to which receive Blog posts.  The two systems are not linked and we as administrators cannot update your blog registration for you. You can update the Register details through the Register Page on the website but any address changes must be also be notified directly to the Blog system (run by WordPress).

Easy to do

When you receive an email notifying you of a new Blog post (like this one), click on ‘Manage Subscriptions’ at the bottom of the email.



This will take you to a second screen where you click ‘Settings’. You can update your email address on the screen that follows after which all blog notifications will go to the new address.



We have now added a note to the Register update form making this clearer.


About CVTHS Admin

Admin is Colin Cadle -

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  1. Anthony Harland at Plusnet says:

    Aaaah that explains the problem that I’ve mentioned a couple of times before. And I thought it was gremlins in the server 🙂 Regards Anthony Harland


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