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Following various updates and improvements to our website, I have today been ‘tidying up’ the blog a little. Yesterday one member kindly left a very nice comment about our sites but it was left at the bottom of the page on ‘How To Use The Blog’. Unless others were to view that page comments such as this would never be seen by those they are meant for. (My fault as this facility should have been disabled for that page). On checking further I noticed that there were other comments on that ‘information page’ going back to 2011.

The facility to leave a comment on that page has now been disabled and the comments removed. However, should they still be of interest or remain appropriate they are posted again below in chronological order.

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Andrew Baxter –  9th October 2011

I went to Cray Valley Technical school between 1954 and 1961, and I am therefore one of the generations that never learned to type. My son and daughter can type at the speed of light, whereas I type at the speed of darkness.

For years I have plodded away using one finger on my right hand. It is painfully slow doing any typing.

But what you are seeing in front of you now is a result of a wonderful piece of voice recognition software. It is known as Dragon and is only a few pounds from Amazon. As you can see from what I have “typed” it makes very few mistakes.
It is very good at spelling and therefore Mr Mayo would have been very pleased with the results. It can even recognise names like Mr Mayo, and even Mr Kingsland. Let’s try your name, Colin.  Colin Adele. Well nearly, Colin. You have to change your name so that Dragon voice recognition software and recognise you!

So, if there are others out there from my generation who are also fed up typing have a go at Dragon. If you’re not convinced go to YouTube on the Internet, type Dragon demonstration in the search box, and have a look at the many examples of tutors speaking into the camera and text appearing instantly on the monitor. Are there any other old Cray Valley boys out there who have this Dragon software?

Colin, it looks like your idea of putting a Cray Valley blog onto your website will be a great success.

Trevor Heywood – 17 January 2012

Thank you, Colin Cadle, for keeping the Cray Valley website alive. Towards the end of November 2011, I managed to meet up with David Turner, Steve strong and Martin Webb. It was amazing after all these years to see these guys and apart from the obvious memory sharing it was interesting to learn about the different career paths we chose to make a living. Although I have been living in Monmouthshire since 1985 I still return to Orpington to visit my parents who live just off Goddington Lane. Without the website, our meetings would not have happened. We met at the Bo Peep in Chelsfield which is close to Steve Strong’s house and my parents. I am sure that we will be meeting up again in 2012 and hopefully, we might see a few more Old Cray Valleyians to share a few stories and pints with. I also enjoyed reading Barry Jackson’s A-Z which was a great memory jogger as we both started in 1959, thanks Barry.

Jed Bailey – 26 April 2013

I have been doing some work on achievers and leaders. You were one of the people I recalled when starting this. Tall, sporting prowess, confident and with red hair. It would help my research if I could contact you with a few questions about how your adult life panned out. (If I have the right Trevor).

Clive Keen – 21 January 2013

I’ve just realized, almost 50 years on, that I’ve spent most of my life still trying to please Wee Willie Wedlock and Reg Mayo. I must have written more than a thousand essays now for various publications, and having just put together a bunch for Amazon, find that they follow almost exactly the pattern required by Willie and Reg. Perhaps I’ve been trying to get an  A+++. The latest bunch of essays are on birding (Birding: A Flock of Irreverent Essays) but I’m not trying to get a sale. If you’re a Cray Valleyan, and would like a copy, let me know (clive_keen@hotmail.com) and I’ll send you a freebie – but don’t share it, or Amazon will get upset.

Richard C0llens – 13 February 2013

I attended the school from Sept 1971 to July 1978. So I experienced the ‘pre’ and ‘post’ Edgebury establishment. I discovered this website today when searching the web for “The Headless Horseman” which (I think) was a piece of music that Peter Woodward’s wonderful band played during my time at the school. Now my own son is starting off in his school orchestra and I am often telling him about the fantastic concerts we enjoyed at Cray Valley…..

Keith Knight – 5th May 2013

Hi everyone, I am Keith Knight. This is a general comment and is not specifically connected to anything before or after.

I attended CVTHS from 1964 – 1969. I can’t remember the form letter. I think it was A or B. Bob Burckett has recently joined the register and I have been in touch with a few old classmates on the friends reunited website. I am not a Facebooker! Wild horses……. etc., etc. I think I finally decided not to join FB when a friend of mine said they had joined an FB (virtual) farm and were cultivating (virtual) crops on it!! (Ye Gods!!!!). I also know a few young people who have been bullied via FB, which is sad. I have been known to tweet (God help us!) but not recently. My Twitter Monica is @KeithPKnight.

Anyway, I have not been well – well we are all getting on a bit – and I am probably about to ask Mick Abbott to move my name to the “apologies” section for this year’s reunion as I live in Wales and it is a long trip. However, one thing that might change my mind for this year and subsequent years is if I could make contact with more of my old form mates. I would particularly like to contact Clive Dean if anybody knows his whereabouts but anyone from the form that started………… Burckett, Charman, Cooper, Dean, Digman, Farrell, Grace, Hall, and included me (Knight), Menhinnick, Scowen, Thompson, Thornhill, and finished I think with Williamson. I can see all the faces in my mind’s eye but cannot remember all the names. Sorry! Sadly not many have yet registered on this site.

I have long realised that the happiest time of my life was spent at Cray Valley, despite the custard skin, semolina and for me at any rate; endless detentions!! My life’s journey has not been very smooth, to say the least, and as it enters its twilight years, I am really missing my friends and classmates from all those years ago.

I particularly remember Martin Carr, who saved my life – literally!! There have been many occasions when I found myself in difficulty when I thought of contacting him again and of course, now it is sadly too late. Also, Frank Hawkins along with Mr Parsons extracted creative juices from within me that I did not know I had and which I still have to this day, Unfortunately Mr Walmsley could not do the same (Art), whereas Colonel Turner forced the slowly grinding wheels of mathematics to work for me and those still turn!

I have plenty more to say and may ask for my own blog page to do it justice and give it some structure. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

kind regards
Keith (Patrick) Knight – aka “KP(K)NUTS”

David Baker – 17th November 2017

So sad to hear of the death of Mr Woodward, who was an inspirational music teacher. But it was his predecessor who really inspired me. I think his name was Colin Crabe and I don’t remember mention of him here. Can anyone tell us what happened to him, and maybe supply an email address? It would be good to tell him how much his hard work and dedication meant to this old boy at least!!

Bob Jones – 31st January 2018

I occasionally, when I’ve nothing better to do, go and look at other schools’ websites.  These could be schools in places I know, have some link with or been on holiday to for example.  I’ve never found anything that comes anywhere close to the quality and professionalism of the CVTHS site!  Thanks Colin.




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