An email appeal from Stephen Dodds

Stephen has sent us this email on the off-chance that one of our readers may be able to help with information.

“I am a committee member of Cray Valley (PM) Football Club. In 2019 we are 100 years old and we are going do some special events. I have looked at our history and our first games were against Hamilton House, but have no information about players, managers, the strip they played in, why they were formed and the location of home games etc.

Any help would be appreciated”.

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  1. CLIVE STANYON says:

    Is that the same as Footscray Football Club? If yes, I have a team picture from 1920/21 on a postcard.


    • Barry Jackson says:

      No, Foots Cray were a different team. My father played for Foots Cray, his home village during the 1930’s . Like several of his friends they also represented clubs outside of the Kent Amateur League during their Foots Cray careers , my dad also played in the Southern League for the now defunct Dartford Town at Watling Street.
      I’m not sure if CVPM who seemed to have played on and off in the Western section of Kent Ameteur League during the late 1920’s early 1930’s at some time styled themselves Imperial Paper Mills. If so someone might have family photos related to them which may be of interest to Stephen particularly if they are one in the same organisation.
      I’ll contact my brother later to see if any of his friends, who like him played a great deal of ameteur football in Kent during the late 60’s early 70’s have any pictures relating to that era that could include the CVPM teams


  2. Barry Jackson says:

    Stephen, I hadn’t forgotten your request, it’s just I’ve been awaiting replies from various friends and the family. I am afraid I’ve been unable to gather any positive information or photographs for you. The sister of a close friend confirms two of her brothers played at
    a lower level in the Kent leagues for Ramsden FC and the pub teams at The Bridgehouse, The Partridge in the Crays and The Alma in Sidcup. Neither can recall any direct contact with the players at CVPM nor can the brother-in-law of the younger of these “lads” who was actually employed at the Mill. My brother who played for Brook Villa suggested that the late Martin Joyce, the elder brother of old boy John may have turned out for the Mill team, however I’ve been unable to contact John in the Ukraine for further detail. My cousin’s late husband Roy played for Welling FC in the early 60’s , unfortunately she has no photos or memorabilia relating to his playing career. So unless John has any information I must say my search has been unfruitful. I can only suggest you search the Kentish Times archive, which I believe was/is managed through Bexley Library. They may have results and/or photographs on file. Good Luck with your hunt and I hope your celebrations go well. Regards Barry


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