Since starting the blog almost 10 years ago several very kind ex-Cray Valley boys have kindly offered their holiday homes to other old boys at ‘mates rates’. Obviously, there are times of the year which are not so popular and there are no ‘fully paid-for’ bookings which means that apartments and villas can be made available at either a huge reduction in cost or in some cases all the owners are asking for is a nominal fee to cover services and cleaning for the period of your stay.



Some of these previous offers may now be out of date now and new venues have become available. So, if you do have a place which you can offer at a discount to our members perhaps you would kindly let us know and we can publish the details in a future blog post. Please email

Offers in the past have included beautiful villas in the Spanish hills, a house near to Disneyworld, a house in France and even private river cruises.

First offering

In response Max Peacock kindly sent this note:

(Nearly) Always a bed available for those passing through Christchurch (New Zealand). Building an apartment to rent but not available yet.








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