Following the GDPR Rules all those people appearing on the Register will have given their permission for publication of their details but these can be deleted at any time upon request. Would you please take the time to check that your current entry is correct and that we are using your current email address. If you now require your details to be deleted please email us and it will be done immediately.

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Admin is Colin Cadle -

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  1. Thanks Colin, that is all fine for me.


  2. stanbondinc says:

    Please note that I have moved to San Diego, California. My old register entry showing Indianapolis needs to be changed

    Thanks Colin

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Ivan Couchman says:

    I am happy that you have my details Colin I haven’t worked out how to fill in the colours on your chart, sorry.

    Hope you are well.

    kind Regards



  4. David Harper says:

    Dear Colin my details are find and happy to stay on the register. David Harper.

    Get Outlook for Android



  5. Alan Spencer says:


    Hope all’s well. I am phasing out my current email. Can you substitute the new one for me please?


    Alan Spencer


  6. John Chapman says:

    Hi Colin,
    My dates are 1962 – 1968 and no problem to add my Hotmail email, I plan to retire in January 2019.


  7. Bob Williams says:

    Register looks good…Bob W


  8. Barry Jackson says:

    Hi my details (in a non-medical sense) are fine Colin. Don’t want to make it too difficult for our friends in the former USSR.


  9. Neil Gent says:

    Hi Colin, all correct and still kicking.


  10. David Vincent says:

    For anybody who might be interested, the David Vincent listed in the ‘Absent Friends’ section is not me!
    I was at Cray Valley from 1960 to 1965, whereas I have been informed that the David Vincent listed attended CVTS during the 1950s, so we never met.


  11. tonybeegee says:

    Hi Colin – my details checked and correct – thank you and a special hello to all the 1961 boys that started in that September and hopefully enjoyed that special experience that was Cray Valley! Especially the one that only stayed a year and now lives in Dunmow – the area from where my Great Grandfather (and ancestors!) lived and eventually moved to St. Mary Cray. Apparently you can find quite a few ‘Grouts’ in the cemetery in Great Dunmow. – Tony Bernhard-Grout aka TBG


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