A Better Plan

During the past two days, and in line with my suggestions made in the last post, I have been assessing the amount of work involved in actually transferring information from our existing website cvths.com to the proposed new pages on the Blog. Although I created the current site originally in 2015/16 I had forgotten just how much material and useful information it contains and not to mention the five weeks work it took to create it. There are dozens of interviews and School Band recordings, the School Timeline, history, Emails to us, various archives, the Visitors’ Book and a mass of interactive material which I now realise would be very hard to reproduce as simple blog pages. This is quite apart from the loss of aesthetics which the website enjoys over the blog. I must apologise for changing course slightly but quite frankly the task ahead just proved a little too daunting so I have decided on a much more satisfactory course of action all round.

Apart from the removal of a few time-sensitive items and other would-be irrelevant copy, the website will today be ‘frozen’ but there is no reason to actually take it offline now or at any time in the future. After all, the blog serves us well to report on up to date news items, recently submitted images and newly found historical material, whereas the website largely presents ‘static’, historic material and acts as an excellent repository of information relevant to the years when the School was in operation.

So, from today, following those few copy changes, the existing website will remain exactly as it is and will stay online as long as the code it contains remains consistent with current technology and as long as we continue to receive annual contributions from our supporters. Under these conditions, we can continue to enjoy this valuable online resource ‘to infinity and beyond!’


Colin Cadle
Torquay, South Devon


Posted today in the ‘About’ page of the Cray Valley website



Just on a personal note, I had a great history lesson yesterday in Budleigh Salterton from one of my favourite presenters. No disrespect to dear Tony Bradley but if I’d had Lucy to teach me history in the 1960s I might well have become a historian by now!


Lucy Worsley at the Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival 22 September 2018

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  1. Hi Colin, I support your revised plan wholeheartedly. I know how much work is involved in these things, and appreciate the unstinting work you have put into keeping alive the CVTHS fraternity.


  2. Malcolm says:

    Colin – I cannot add anything to what Peter says above – thank you again for all your work. And I shall continue to make my voluntary contribution every April, as I have in the past.
    Kind regards


  3. Paul Maher says:

    The “Better Plan” sounds better 😉 Thanks Colin.


  4. Neil Gent says:

    Yes, but what did she teach you??


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