Sir Anthony Eden 195?


Sir Anthony Eden visits Cray Valley – 195?


This is Sir Anthony Eden, sometime between 1951 and 1955 when he was addressing parents and pupils but can anyone be more specific? Has anyone seen this photograph before and can they shed any more light as to the occasion?


Andrew Baxter

I just did a bit of internet research using the name Pat Hornsby Smith. It is at Cray Valley 18 May 1955. There is an article in the Daily Mirror for that day but what is not in the article, is the presence of Sir Anthony Eden.



Bloody cheek! ‘Where no sardines could survive!’ ‘Well, I’m proud to be a ‘sardine’. I survived. Perhaps we ought to call CVTHS old boys ‘Sardines.’

Andrew Baxter

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  1. Geoff Walter says:

    Never seen this photo before. Was it a form of official opening and/or recognition of the new Technical Schools?


  2. Geoff Walter says:

    Eden called a General Election for May 1955 after becoming Prime Minister following Churchill’s retirement in April 1955. Could this have been part of his election campaign?


  3. Geoff Walter says:

    Is that a rosette on the lapel of the spectacled man stood behind Eden?


  4. Andy Barnard says:

    We need to know the source of this photograph – how do we know this is 1955 ? It could have been while the school was still Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School i.e. early 1954 or before – possibly the 1951 election when Eden was Foreign Secretary. As Geoff Walter says, the rosette makes it look like a party political address. Perhaps Pat Hornsby-Smith (elected in 1950 for Chislehurst with a very narrow majority) is one of the Ladies on the balcony.


  5. Bob Townsend says:

    A woman on the balcony looks very much like Pat Hornsby-Smith and indeed election style rosettes are being worn. I am thinking this is the 1951 election not 1955. No sign of Mr Kingsland on the balcony which you would expect if he hosting. I was at the school from 1954 and think would have some memory of a visit by the Prime Minister if it was in 1955.


  6. I wonder if there were two political rallies at the school? The newspaper article is correct being 18 May 1955. But have a look at the trees. No leaves. Looks like the photo is from a few months earlier. Perhaps the photo is 1951.
    I see on the outside of the main hall some odd vertical attachments. These are not there on photos of our time. Were they anti blast devices against bombs?
    In the photo there are some boys in blazers and caps. These do look like CVTS outfits. I can’t recognise any of the boys.


  7. Geoff Walter says:

    I also noted the lack of leaves and overcoats and had wondered whether it might be spring or autumn. It turns out that the 1951 election was 25 October and the 1955 election 26 May. So perhaps it was 1951! Perhaps another trawl through the Daily Mirror in 1951?


  8. Geoff Walter says:

    After another line of research it seems to me that it must be 1955 – the Daily Mirror refers to Mcleod as Minister of Health. He was appointed Minister of Health by Churchill on 7 May 1952 (so can’t be 1951) and appears to have served in that position until Anthony Eden’s reshuffle in December 1955 when he was promoted to Minister of Labour and National Service (Wikipedia).


  9. Geoff Walter says:

    I can’t stop thinking about 1951 and the fact that the Daily Mirror article makes no mention of Eden! Could there have been two 1955 meetings at Cray Valley? Is it a Cray Valley school cap in the foreground or Chis & Sid? Does anybody think that the man with the spectacles and rosette might be Reginald Maudling?


    • Leslie Burrage says:

      I’m pretty sure this was pre CVTS. I joined the School in 1954 and I have no record of such an occasion.
      The earlier estimates of year 1951 would appear to be make most sense.
      Leslie Burrage


  10. Geoff Walter says:

    Having thought about this a little more over the weekend it should have been obvious to me that the Daily Mirror article merely confirms a campaign meeting at Cray Valley in the “over-polished hall” [not outside or Anthony Eden] in May 1955 attended by Pat Hornsby Smith and Iain Macleod giving no link to this photograph.

    Given the lack of leaves on trees and overcoats of the audience it seems more likely that this was the Autumn campaign prior to the 25 October 1951 election. However, I’ve not researched newspaper archives to see whether there is any reference to a campaign meeting at the school attended by Anthony Eden, Pat Hornsby Smith and possibly Reginald Maudling.


  11. cvtsboy says:

    Just curious. Where did the photo come from?


  12. The picture source could have been the old Kentish Times perhaps.


  13. derekjh64 says:

    I wonder…did we ever have form photos at Cray? My friend John Bishop and I have individual school photos from the early ‘60s but don’t remember having whole form photos. We’d be interested in seeing any. Good wishes to any old friends who remember us,

    Derek Holbird


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