And The Winner Is………

Number 59

Trevor Pilbeam

Axbridge Somerset

Who wins the fine bottle of vintage Port by Taylors – 1963


Lunch underway at the 2019 Reunion


Mick Abbott reports that the reunion is going very well and sends us this snap of the lads tucking into a typical School dinner!

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Admin is Colin Cadle -

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  1. Clive Hollis says:

    Wonderful 65th reunion. Lovely to see so many old friends. Thanks to Mick and Colin in particular.

    Thanks again.

    Clive 1959


  2. Peter Bewsey says:

    Congratulations to Mick Abbott and Colin Cadle for their planning of the reunion which I thoroughly enjoyed. Colin has kept us all in line and motivated about the old boys over the years. Mick was a tremendous master of ceremonies on the day and even the young cooks were to be applauded for their efforts. Cray Valley will always be a major part of our development as young men for which we all should be eternally grateful!


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