Mick Abbott addresses the 2019 Reunion


Thank you for the many comments and photos received so far, along with a couple of videos. May we thank Adrian Appley for kindly bringing his portable recorder along to the reunion to record Mick’s address. As material is received it will be added to THIS POST, so please bookmark the page and return to it later to check for any additions.


New Photo Gallery


Because of the large numbers of photographs being submitted we have created a new photo gallery with the Image Archive entitled ‘Reunion 2019’. Please take a look.


Voluntary Annual Contributions

I note that Mick kindly added a quick plug to those of you who have not made their contribution this year, so if you are listed on the Register and have not kindly made your contribution this year, especially if you attended the reunion, we would very much appreciate your doing so by clicking HERE.



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  1. Jonathan Copping says:

    Really enjoyed it, thanks. Photo on it’s way,


  2. Jon Copping says:

    This is me, Kevin Storey (close friend I grew up in Knockholt with, and knew his older brother Graham, but not his oldest brother, who I met on this day) and a Mr. Malcolm. Thanksjon


  3. trevorpilbeam says:

    Hi everyone
    Many thanks for a great occasion full of nostalgia and meeting ‘old’ school mates
    I was very lucky winning the winning prize but also lucky going to Cray Valley
    Great organisation and to share a special occasion for the first time
    I hope it will not be the last as I would like to see some of my other comrades again
    Take care and have a great summer

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  4. tonybeegee says:

    Fully agree with my old classmate Trevor Pilbeam – a superb day and many thanks for all the effort put in by Mick Abbott and others. Great memories shared with the 61’ers – Trevor, Mark Hughes and David Lawrence. Sorry we did not get to meet Glenn Canning – the bad news Glenn is Mr Brook signed the Detention Book! Just phone the school to get the day you want to attend!


  5. Paul Towell says:

    I really enjoyed it. Thanks Mick for organising the day! It was wonderful to meet with old scoolmates and also to speak with chaps who had finished their education long before I even started there in 1968!

    It was really interesting to go around the buildings again – many memories surfaced which I had forgotten in the intervening 44 years or so. The one thing which really struck me was the dreadful state of the school: rubbish, uncut grass, the mess in some of the classrooms, the poor decorative order and condition of the fabric of the buildings.

    Where was all the machinery we were lucky enough to use in the workshops? Just a couple of pillar drills, blacksmith’s anvil, brazing station and I think I spied a small lathe. One machine I was surprised to see was the reciprocating power hacksaw – God knows how this survived, but there it was, bolted to the floor in what used to be the metal store, looking just as it did when I first saw it in 1970!

    I know that it has been stated that this was to be the last reunion, but I think that would be a great shame.


  6. Neil Gent says:

    Thanks to Mick and Colin for making this event both possible and memorable, I attended the last reunion and enjoyed this one no less. It was great to see such a good representation from my old form group – well done lads! I suspect that we may have just enjoyed our final reunion at the school; if that is so then even more thanks for such a great final memory. Should there be another one I hope to be there.


    • CVTHS Admin says:

      Paul, sadly it appears that the school building and general standards over the past 50 years have declined from our original high standards, but please don’t let us lose sight of the fact that the main purpose of the reunions have been to bring together those who shared that original experience. People matter more than material things and I am glad that the majority enjoyed rekindling old relationships despite their surroundings.


  7. Derek Nash says:

    CVTHS Admin.

    I make no apologies. I have no wish to criticise the reunion and its’ purpose and I have every respect for the work that Mick Abbott and others put in, but I see no joy in attending a reunion and coming away depressed/dejected.

    That school is now a travesty of its’ former self and those that have administered the place over the last 50+ years should be thoroughly ashamed of what they have done to the buildings and facilities.

    Derek Nash


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