New ‘Reunion 2019’ Gallery



Because of the large numbers of photographs being submitted we have created a new photo gallery with the Image Archive entitled ‘Reunion 2019’. Please take a look as there are around 80 photographs there already.

The CVTHS Archive


For the most part it is Norman Baldwin and John (Greg) Smith we have to thank for their sterling work on the School Archive which is now safely housed in Bromley Library. During the course of the reunion Norman and Greg have acquired more material to be archived which is listed here:

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Norman writes:

As expected, we received some archive donations during the Reunion last Friday, which I have listed above.  I have also taken some photo of the artefacts, of which two are attached to this email (see the new gallery).  You will see that we don’t know who donated the 4 LPs (3 of which we already have in the archive).  So, who donated the records? The duplicate records could be returned to the donor, or agreed how to dispose of them, e.g. up for auction to provide funds for the website and bog.  It would be nice to acknowledge the donor of this additional LP.
Our original archivist Lucy has left Bromley and her replacement Stephanie had also left by last week and I understand that Bromley is currently without an archivist!  I will keep in touch with Bromley periodically and when they have a new archivist in place I will endeavour to determine what items from the list can be accepted into their archives.  I suspect the bell will not be accepted, especially as it has no identifying marks or dedication. Any suggestions as to what should be done with this item would be gratefully received.
I am indebted to Greg (John) Smith for collecting the selected archive material from Bromley, for helping to lay out the items on Thursday, for helping to pack up the items after the Reunion on Friday and arranging to return the items to Bromley.

‘The Martin Carr Bell’


I suggested to Graham Mitchell, current custodian of the bell, that maybe it should be displayed in one of the vestibule cabinets at the old school. This is Graham’s reply:

Regarding the Bell. I haven’t any direct contact with the school as Kemnal Technology College but at the previous reunions I got the impression that history isn’t at their forefront. Others might see it otherwise. A lot has changed since our time there, for example the industrial themed murals that used be located in the entrance vestibule have gone and, indeed, the area has been structurally altered (as have many of the school buildings). It might be worth approaching the school to see what they think? I’m not aware of Kemnal’s display cabinets but it would be a pity if subsequently the Bell were lost.

I’m pleased the day went so well and is of great credit to Mick and Greg and all involved in the organisation. I’m sorry I wasn’t there in body but I was in spirit.


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  1. Clive Stanyon says:

    I suggest that the bell is auctioned off for web site funds, or perhaps 50% to a sports charity.


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