The CVTHS Blog

What a revelation the Blog has been for us? Since it’s introduction in 2009 we are now able to send out the latest information and links to items of interest to all old boys and surviving masters so these never need be missed. Subscribe to the Blog and you will receive an email each time a new post is made.

In our original website, we included articles written by old boys. Generally, these were very interesting and full of memories of their time at Cray. When the Blog was introduced most of these articles were transferred to the Blog retrospectively. It is our intention in time to re-instate these articles and store them once again on the website.

From 10th October 2010 the ‘Latest News and Information’ pages and their associated archives were replaced with a first, rather crude version of the CVTHS Blog. By mid Summer 2011  Apple had announced that blog hosting with comment facilities would end with the demise of MobileMe and so it became necessary to seek a new platform. We chose WordPress for its ease of use and the excellent facilities it provides and this is the Blog you see today. ‘Soft launched’ on 30th September 2011 the all new CVTHS Blog has far better functionality.


How To Use the Blog

Please take a little time to find your way around the blog and be sure to read the simple guidelines on the ‘How to use this blog’ page.  Please don’t forget to sign up for ‘Get Updates by Email’ just to the left of this notice. If you haven’t done so already please would you kindly take a moment to do it now? All we need is your email address and it will really help us to keep you up to date.

The Blog is also now fully searchable and you may leave a (moderated) comment on any single post.