How to use this Blog


Welcome to our new Blog for ex boys and teachers of the Cray Valley Technical High School. If you are new to blogs this is a quick guide to help you find your way around. You will find the blog very intuitive and easy to use but if you do have any problems please email me at

1. Click ‘Send me updates’ in the ‘Get Updates by Email’ box to the left. Every time a new post is made on the Blog you will receive an email with a link to that post. This helps us in admin as it means we don’t have to keep emailing you with reminders as the new system will now do this for us. Please help us to help you keep up to date!

2. The latest post will always appear on the Home page of the Blog followed by 8 of the other most recent posts in chronological order. To see a post within it’s own page and showing the comments already associated with that post click the heading.

3. Older posts can be accessed either by clicking ‘Older Posts’ at the bottom of the page or by using the drop-down menu in the ‘Archives’ box to the left. The archived blogs are listed by month and year along with the number of posts in each month. We have already transferred all the previous posts from our original Blog along with their comments but at present they are minus the original images which accompanied them. (It was not possible to enable the transfer of images when converting from MobileMe to WordPress). In time more old articles and ‘Emails to Us’ will be archived into this new Blog so the whole system will grow in size from each end of the timescale!

4. ‘Search the Blog’ is self-explanatory and you will find this a quick and highly effective way to find any post containing your chosen search word(s).

5. Please use the ‘Leave a Comment’ facility freely. You don’t have to be signed up with WordPress to do this but all comments will be moderated to prevent the use of obscene language or content considered offensive or inappropriate by the administrator(s). It is a great pity that this is necessary but there have been some not so pleasant remarks made in the past and this will ensure only appropriate content is published. This is not a forum for ranters! If the ‘Please leave your comments’ box is not visible simply click ‘Leave a Comment’ and it will appear. Click on ‘Guest’ and then enter your name and email address. Your comments will then be checked and published and you will receive an email confirmation. You must use your name as anonymous comments will not be allowed. (you will notice a number of comments attributed to ‘Anonymous’ in posts prior to 01 October 2011. This was unavoidable as a result of the transfer from the old system).

6. You can either leave a unique comment by submitting your comments via ‘Please leave your comments here’ or click ‘Reply’ within another visitor’s comment if your information relates specifically to that comment.

It is assumed by now that you will all be familiar with how a blog works but for those who are new to the ‘technology’ only the administrator may post an actual blog. If you would like a blog post of your own then please email the administrator who will organise it for you.