Ian Chalmers – Youth Hostelling

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Ian Remembers


I read with interest the blog about Michael Mathews and it reminded me of the times that we went hitch-hiking and Youth Hostelling with other lads from CVTHS during school holidays. I attach a photograph that I found of four of us sitting on a bridge near I believe a Youth Hostel by Dartington Hall near Totnes. From left to right are Roger Harden, Michael, myself and Rick Gillings. I recall that the photo may have been taken by Howard Leslie who was later tragically killed at Beachy Head.

Between our group we often split up and travelled across the UK by hitch-hiking and youth hostelling, a means of travelling that has unfortunately been denied later generations due to security risks.



Barry Butler – Hockey

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Barry Butler writes:

Earlier this year I discovered an old scruffy record I had made of the Hockey 1st X1 results and goal scorers in the ’60/61 season. I sent a scan of it to Colin Brook as I thought he may be interested and it may bring back some memories but I heard nothing from him.

On Sunday I rang him to check he had received it and found he has changed his email address  He also had a problem with his computer and lost all his records of addresses and contacts. (Colin’s email is now updated in the Register). Colin confirmed he is in good health and still much involved in village life in Westfield, East Sussex. Besides being a Governor of a local school he is also a Vice President of the cricket club in which he takes a keen interest.

Colin introduced me to hockey at CVTHS in ’59/60 and it made quite an impact as I only retired 50 seasons later in 2010! He and I both played at Bromley where at one time we had three ex CVTHS pupils in the 1st X1, Mel Pulford, John Barton and myself.

Going back to the record of the CVTHS 60/61 season I would be interested to know whether any of the others named continued playing. Looking through the register, only Chris Donaldson’s name seems to be there. I know Mel Pulford and Chris Munns are sadly no longer with us but does anyone know the whereabouts of the others ?

Similarly, the recent photo of the team in ’64/5 posted by Barry Warren reminded me of a few familiar faces and I wonder if anyone has contact with John Barton who I think moved to the Leicester area in the late ’60`s.
Best regards,
Barry Butler
Brasted, Kent – 10 Oct 2017

Michael Mathews and Inventors?

Michael Mathews in School uniform circa 1962

Michael Mathews

Michael is the son of well-remembered and much loved Head of Engineering Bob Mathews who left us at far too young an age. Michael lives with his wife Mandi in Argalasti, Greece and sends us two ‘then’ and one ‘now’ photographs.


Michael Mathews as a student apprentice at GA Harvey – Charlton, 1966.


Michael with wife Mandi and grandson – living in Argalasti, Greece 2017


Did you invent anything?


The other tap does the white wine!


Cray Valley was a hotbed of all things mechanical and electrical when I attended in the the late 50s and early 60s and I just wonder sometimes if there are any old boys who can lay claim to inventing anything which became a success? Maybe you were part of a team which conceived, designed or created a useful product which is now sold all over the world or maybe helped to create a landmark building, road or airport? If so, please send in details to publish@cvths.com for publication and photographs or scans if you have them.


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Barry Warren – ‘Strictly’ For the Blog

I thought you may be interested in my little story of things that have happened post CVTHS.

For one small part of my career I qualified as a Radiation Protection Advisor and part of that process was to attend a four week international residential course.  As usual on the first day we had to introduce ourselves and explain what we were all about.  Two of the group were memorable – one guy simply got up and said “My name is Mark. I am from Switzerland.  I like fine wine and women” then promptly sat down.  He was memorable for that intro – one that I have used a few times since!  

Then a girl got up and explained her name was Cecilia and she was with the Australian Nuclear Energy Commission, but that she was an ex pat. To cut what I usually make to be a very long story short it turned out that she was one of our peers (1957-1964), hailed from Orpington (Green St Green) and went to Orpington Girl’s Grammar. 

When at CVTS the VIth form organised a Christmas Dance (did discos exist then?) in the canteen area.  That involved inviting those funny creatures with bumps on their chests (the ones we had been segregated from for seven years or so).  Cecilia was one of the invitees to that event and remembered going.  So we met up 28 years later in a Portacabin in Harwell separated by 10,000 miles or so – spooky or what?  Had I been able to dance then my life story might well have taken an entirely different route and I could have forged a career in Australia.

 PS I have since learnt to dance (if you can call Modern Jive dancing) and did manage to win a UK competition down at Weston Super Mare at age 60.  Just to make it a little more difficult it was “Double Trouble” – one man, two girls (neither of whom were the wife!).

Barry Warren (1957-1964)

Geoff Walter – 1st Hockey X1 – 1964-65

Further to Barry Warren’s recent photo of the Under 14 Football team from 1960/61 here’s another team photo.  It’s of the 1st XI Hockey team (1964/65 season) which doesn’t appear to be on the CVTHS website.


1st Hockey X1 – 1964-65



At the time I noted on the photo’s back the name and position of each player.  However, I only noted first name initials and unfortunately can no longer recall all names.  The team, with first names that I do recall, was as follows:

Back row L to R: Duncan Truscott – Left Half; M. Allchin – Inside Left.

Centre row L to R: Graham Guy – Right Half; Geoff Walter – Centre Forward; David Baker – Left Back; J. Hall – reserve forward.

Front row L to R: Rick Gillings – Right Back; Martin Ramsey (Vice Captain) – Centre Half; John Barton (Captain) – Inside Right; John Bond – Goalkeeper; Philip (Pip) Gray – Outside Right; J. Black – Outside Left.

Of the other names, maybe someone will be able to fill in the blanks?

All the best and keep up the great work.

Geoff Walter (1958-1965)


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