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In the 1964 Rook Year Book the Club I started got a mention – “A new club, the Model Motor Racing Club,  has made its bow this year under the enthusiastic direction of B Warren of the Upper VIth. A race track has been constructed by Warren and a band of 3rd year boys and activities have commenced.”
Does anybody know if it survived after I left in the summer of 1964?  I have very vague recollections of seeing something somewhere but that may just be wishful thinking.  No real reason for this enquiry apart from sentimental reasons.
During my time at CVTS a group of us (Ian Skilling, Jeff Warren in particular) were avid slot racing fans and were in the Sidcup Model Racing Club.  Ian and his brother ran the model shop in Orpington and then Eltham.  We were quite successful and got through to the UK finals up in Bradford one year as I recall.  I recently found the old plywood box containing all the hand built cars from 1967 – I don’t think the current Mrs W was all together too pleased that I had kept them for 50 years with no track to race them on! It’s probably that and seeing the entry in the Rook that has reignited this interest.
Thanks in anticipation.
Barry Warren

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Two Dozen Images that Remind Me of School Days


I have to admit the when I received Barry Warren’s snap of the 51 Bus at Beaulieu I thought there may be little interest from our ‘old boys’. How wrong could I be? It seems to have stirred quite a few memories judging by the response so I thought I would throw together a few more memory joggers from the early days of the School. If you have any of your own, please do send them in for publication and I will add them on as they arrive along with a credit for the contributor.








Thoughts from Peter Redman:


  • “I was delighted to discover the CVTHS website a little while ago because my years at the school were my best and most valued school years that I had and I look back on them fondly as they were the years that equipped me for my future career as a successful chemical engineer in a whole career with BP which I enjoyed so much.  I really valued Mr Kingsland and his wisdom and advice as well as teachers like Dr Fisk? and others I can’t really remember the names of.  The practical nature of the education at the school was so valuable to me in pointing me to a future career.  Unfortunately I don’t have any memorabilia or photos of those years.  I think my mum probably cleared it all away when I left home. She was that sort of person and didn’t keep anything. Anyway I love remembering names on the egister and reminiscing about the amazing facilities of the school and the teachers and fellow students. Thank you for all your efforts getting this forum up and running. I appreciate it.. “






More Buses – 229 – 61 – 161

A few more of the buses which helped us all get to school….


241 Bus – Photo supplied by John Love











Has anyone still got a bus pass? If so please scan it for us and send it in. Any stories you want to tell about your bus journeys to and from school?




The Number 51 Bus – Barry Warren



I suspect that some will have seen the exhibit at Beaulieu Motor Museum of the #51 bus that many of us might have caught.  I think there are a few inaccuracies but it did bring back memories of my 7 years or so going from Poverest Road to CVTS (as it was when I was there!)  I had taken a picture of the current Mrs W standing by it but I operate a one heap photo filing system and I can’t find it.  This shot has been ‘borrowed’ from the internet.

Barry Warren 57-64


Update from Barry:

Lost photo found. The 51 bus and the ‘current’ Mrs Warren

From Darryl Ransom:
We stumbled upon the 51 bus back in 2010. This is my daughter Eleanor and I
1P-5P (1965-1970)


CVTHS Limited Edition Montage

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