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Nothing could be simpler. If you want to submit material to the Blog: images, scans, audio, video, articles or even just a few words which you would like to share with the CVTHS community then simply email and if it’s suitable it will get its own ‘post’ on the Blog.

Submitting material to the CVTHS Website

Should you wish to submit articles or archive materials for publishing on our website please Click Here for details.




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  1. Mark Head says:

    Great to know we have a continuing link – well done Colin and Co!
    Mark Head


    • CVTHS Admin says:

      Thanks Mark, looks like you are Numero Uno to leave a comment so we had better let everyone else know now! Please don’t forget to ‘Get Updates by Email’ otherwise you will have to check the Blog manually for updates. Colin Cadle


    • Keith Knight says:

      Hi, Mark
      Long time no speak. I have contacted several old pals from Cray on Friends Reunited and I understand there is a Facebook presence (thought that will have to be without me!). It is great that Colin is still trying to keep us all in touch,
      Keith Knight


      • Mark Head says:

        Well, Keith! A long time has passed! I live in the wet and frozen north of England so getting down to the SE is not a frequent affair. I find this blog is really good for keeping in contact, no matter how tenuous, with a part of life that was so seminal and formative. They don’t make ’em like us any more, I find – the world is now full of precious whimps and whiners – CVTHS taught us rather differently! Kind regards, Mark Head.


  2. Graham Mitchell says:

    Hi Colin,

    Thank you for all the latest advances on the site. I think the Blog emailing development is superb idea.

    Thank you also for the ‘Gold Star’ I am most honoured. It is such a pleasure to be able to contribute and I am still hunting down some further material that I know have somewhere.

    I’ve also put some dosh in the coffers to be of some small assistant in that respect as well.

    Thanks again and well done.

    On behalf of all of us who appreciate the much hard work you have pout into the site on all our behalves might I suggest you should also award yourself a Gold Star.

    Very best wishes



    • CVTHS Admin says:

      Thank you Graham for your very kind words. I would also like to thank you publicly for all your own hard work in helping with the site over the past couple of years especially the stirling effort you made to bring about the fantastic Woodward Archive – your Gold Star is very much deserved – you have set a very good example.

      all the very best



  3. Frank Osborne says:

    Wonderful to find a picture of the old Beckenham Technical School 1954. I’m actually in it! and I recognise many of my old classmate. For what it’s worth I have a picture of me taken in my first school uniform (that my mum loved and I didn’t).


  4. David Bray says:

    All the very best with your treatment. We’ll all be with you
    Best Wishes
    David Bray


  5. David Vincent says:

    Reading through the list of Absent Friends is a somewhat sobering experience, but particularly so when you read what appears to be your own name. An old school friend of mine emailed me last year to check that I was still in the “land of the living” because he had seen my name listed amongst those no longer with us.

    It appears that, in the 1950s, another David Vincent attended Cray Valley and, for anyone who might remember me at the school from 1960 to 1965, I can confirm that I am (for the time being at least) still here!

    Whether you remember me or not, Happy New Year.

    David Vincent


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