65th Anniversary Reunion Update (2)



Dates Narrowed Down

Just a quickie. Mick Abbott, the third time organiser of our reunions is back from his hols and is straight on the case. The reunion will now be held between 28th and the 31st May 2019 at the School building.  This is during the school’s half-term but we believe the cooks are coming in especially to make us a traditional school dinner, hopefully, complete with Gypsy Tart! If you haven’t already registered your interest in attending then please kindly do so using the form below:


Please complete this form if you would like to attend the 2019 Reunion (around 28 – 31 May 2019)


65th Anniversary Lapel Badge


In 2014 around the time of the 60th Anniversary Reunion, 100 limited edition enamel badges were acquired by old boys. If you would consider buying one for this final reunion please add to the poll below as we need to organise their manufacture in good time for the event. Take a look at the Register to see who has the 60th version (although many were sold to boys who are still not on the Register itself).



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Ian Stubbs Writes – Clive Hollis Photo

Clive Hollis – Rochester House, receiving an award from Headmaster John Kingsland

Clive Hollis

I have just come across this picture and thought I would share it with you all. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, where have all those years gone. I celebrated my 71st birthday last week.

Clive Hollis

Ian Stubbs

Passing the School recently prompted Ian to write a few words for publishing on the blog:

I left Cray Valley in 1972 having had a mixed school life and I still remember Martin Carr still with trepidation and even fear.  I try to tell my daughter and son what school life was like in those days and how life was so different then. I remember playing cricket and rugby and the rugby training every day, our engineering workshops and the forge where Health and Safety had a different meaning in those days. However, I wouldn’t change the experience.

We passed the school by accident today on the way home from Bluewater with my daughter and her twins of almost 5 years old and found that trying to explain to them about school life in those days was almost impossible.

I left school in 1972 with average GCE O & A levels and after signing a training contract I qualified as a chartered accountant in 1977. I have been in the profession ever since and was a partner in a London practice for 25 years. I have lived in Bexhill on Sea since 1988 and am still working now in Tenterden passing on my many years of experience to younger staff members.

I have been married since 1978, have 2 grown up children and my daughter has 3 children, twins of nearly 5, a boy and girl and an almost 3-year-old little boy.

I never saw any of my old classmates after I left and would be very interested to hear what has happened to them.

Ian Stubbs


Visiting India – Adrian Appley

Adrian in Goa

Every year in the winter Adrian gets away to the sunshine in India. Here’s his note just received.

Ever the exhibitionist! Adrian enjoys a swim in the Goan sunshine.


Hello folks, after a horrific first afternoon and evening in Mumbai, where I spent many hours trying to buy my train ticket to Goa without success, I then failed to find a sensibly priced guest house so slept at 1am. On the marble floor at Mumbai station with the usual shouting and bawling from
the Indians (not to be recommended!) My train down to Goa was 2 hours late and  I caught a bus to Benaulim coastal town and my usual CLEAN guest house where I have stayed for the last 2 years for the same rent. It was so nice to be settled into civilization and I soon met up with the lovely couple staying near me who I met in India several years ago.
I do yoga on the beach then walk along it for about 4 miles then take a bus into Margao for a big rice-plate meal [62 pence]. I buy cheap fruit plus anything else I need then come home to relax until about 4pm and do the same walk again.
I often visit my good friends and we have a laugh. Train travel is ridiculously cheap and about a third of bus prices. Whilst in Mumbai I took a fast suburban train from Mumbai to Virar which is 60 kilometres  [37 miles] and took one and a quarter hours. The price? 22 pence. I then caught a
rickety old bus to Ganeshpuri where I languished in the temple hot springs baths throughout the day free of charge. Last night I caught my mattress alight by switching on the cup heater instead of the fan. By the time I realized the fan was not on, the mattress had caught fire with flames
coming from it and I burnt my hand putting it out. I will be more careful next time. Stay warm folks. Greetings from stinky India,
I flew home yesterday to very variable weather but at least it is sunny at the moment.  The 6 week holiday was really enjoyable despite setting light to my bed mattress! India was getting rather hot so it was good to get back to a nice cold bed.


‘How We Look Now’ – Results

Bob Kingsland


We have around 450 names signed up to receive the blog posts and our request for a recent photograph of yourself has been viewed by 173 people so far. So far 11 people have responded and here they are – Bob Kingsland, Sir Adrian White, Mike Cassels, Barry Jackson, Mark Head, Clive Keen, John Fitzpatrick, Ray Tuck, Jon Wilson, Martin Meggs and Johnny Wakeham. These photos have now been added to our online archive. It goes without saying that any further snaps will be more than welcome and will be added to this post and the image archive.


Keith Knight – Barry, Cardiff


Keith Knight – Barry, Cardiff


The mysterious chap in the video is Steve Hall – Bringing you live TV from somewhere!


Sir Adrian White


John Fitzpatrick – Croatia 2018


Ray Tuck – 2016


Jon and Lin Wilson – 40 Year Service Awards Dinner (Government of British Columbia) – 2018


Martin Meggs


Johnny Wakeham – Tonbridge Park Run 2019


Mike Cassels – 2019


Mike Cassels – 2019

Barry and Brenda Jackson at The Kennedy Space Centre – 2018


Barry and Brenda Jackson at The Kennedy Space Centre – 2018


Mark Head – 2019


Clive Keen – 2019

How We Look Now

Clive and Judy Hollis

We want your mugshot!

Right from day one back in 2001, we have established a ‘How We Look Now’ gallery on the website and subsequently on this Blog. It has now been almost 18 years since the first photos arrived so many of them are now well out of date. Clive Hollis, who attended Cray Valley between 1959 and 1965, kindly send in the above picture today showing himself and his wife Judy in the very best of health and enjoying a recent cruise. Clive’s contribution to the archive has prompted me to remind you all to kindly send us a current photograph of yourself to be included in the archive. With most of us owning a smartphone nowadays there’s no excuse for not emailing us a quick ‘selfie’. We are not looking for quality as long as the photo gives us all a rough idea of how you look today.

Please send your photos to publish@cvths.com.



Colin Cadle – Alf Resco’s Dartmouth

CVTHS Sound Archive


The Cray Valley Sound Archive

If you suffer from insomnia and are fed up with listening to the World Service in the middle of the night, why not take a listen to the Cray Valley Sound Archive? The observant ones amongst you will already have noticed the new link in the main Blog Menu which takes you straight to the archive. Here you can listen to all four of the School Band albums and lots of interviews with former members of staff. Please allow a few seconds for the page to load but I think you will find it worth it. Why not give it a try now?


Be sure to use the ‘Play List’ link as this will give you all the tracks in the section you have selected and you may need to turn the volume up on the player itself.



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Biggin Hill Memorial Museum

Memorial Museum Opens This Weekend

In 1992, I was commissioned by the London Borough of Bromley to produce a short film about the parade and Mayor’s speech held in Bromley to mark the closing down of Royal Air Force Biggin Hill. Within her speech the Lady Mayor mentioned that one day they hope to establish a museum at Biggin Hill which would be dedicated to the airmen and airwomen who flew from there during and after the Battle of Britain. However, it has taken a full 26 years for that wish to become a reality. This weekend The Biggin Hill Memorial Museum opened its doors to the public for the first time. For those of you with an interest in Biggin Hill and its role in the Battle of Britain I am sure it will be well worth a visit. They even have a Nightingale café, just like the one which used to serve those who worked on the airfield.


Not just satisfied with covering the parade and speech I decided to extend the film to include footage of the Star Lane Cemetery in St Mary Cray where many of the young pilots were buried and the taking down of the Station Flag for the last time which happened a week after the parade. The film is now safely archived with The Imperial War Museum and if you have a few minutes to watch it (minus the end credits) it can be viewed on Vimeo here: ‘The Closing Down of the RAF Station Biggin Hill‘. (apologies for the poor quality – The IWM has the master copy).


The Biggin Hill Memorial Museum has a website which you can visit here.

Colin Cadle


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65th Anniversary Reunion Update (1)

Mick Abbott – 2019 Organiser

We have an organiser

Very shortly after our request to find an organiser for the 65th Anniversary Reunion, Mick Abbott kindly raised his hand and most generously offered his services once again – provided there is sufficient interest. On behalf of everyone who intends to be there, we would like to thank Mick very much for volunteering to do this for us.

The only proviso is that sufficient numbers of former pupils and masters show their interest in attending to make the event worthwhile. In order that we can establish the intended numbers would you kindly add your name using the simple form below? If the numbers look good I will post further details on the blog and confirm the proposed date as soon as Mick establishes it with the School.


As the 65th Anniversary Reunion may well be the last official event do try to make it if you can. The previous reunions were enjoyed by all and many of you have already expressed an interest in coming along this year.

Please complete this form if you would like to attend the 2019 Reunion





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