Deadline for Vintage Port Draw


The Draw

At 2.00pm on Friday the 31st May 2019, ex-master John Abrook will make the draw for the £200+ bottle of 1963 Vintage Taylor’s Port which I am donating as a thank you for our contributors’ loyal and generous support. The bottle is currently being looked after at Justerini and Brooks in St James and will be dispatched to the winner the following week. The winner will be announced on this blog within seconds of the draw and immediately informed by email.


Deadline for entry is approaching fast

To qualify for the free draw simply ensure that your details are included on the Register and that you have made your Voluntary Annual Contribution for 2019. The deadline for this is Tuesday 28th May 2019. Any contributions after midnight on that day cannot be accepted for entry into the draw as the entries have to be sent to Mick Abbott in good time for the draw. At present there are only 56 old boys who qualify from the 80+ who will attending the event so please don’t risk missing out!

Details of this wonderful bottle of Vintage Gold can be seen here.


Reunion Update 4 – Itinerary

Mick Abbott – Reunion Organiser

Our 65th Anniversary Reunion on the 31st May 2019 will be the third one that Mick Abbott has organised for us. For a relatively straightforward day, which should run seamlessly, there is actually an awful lot of organising and liaison with the school catering and management staff. Please join me in giving Mick the sincere thanks he deserves as he is working very hard to make it a memorable day.

For those of you who may not know of Mick’s background after leaving Cray Valley here is some potted information:

Mick served 31 years with Kent Police, retiring in 1998 as Chief Inspector.  He is extremely well versed in First Aid and his experience stems from his involvement in Competition First Aid whilst serving in the Police Force and with his knowledge gained there, he later decided to start a business for First Aid training when he retired.

In his business as a First Aid trainer, he delivers one day and three day First Aid at Work courses and a two-day requalification for the three day course.  He also delivers paediatric courses, defibrillator training and is accredited to teach the use of tourniquets and haemostatic dressings for people using chainsaws and other dangerous machinery but mainly to tree surgeons.

His client base is very varied, including schools, all kinds of businesses, farming communities, etc. He also involves himself in community groups and others, such as scouts and guides, local clubs, when he runs their training courses completely free of charge.


Reunion Itinerary

Here is hopefully the final itinerary for the day (but still subject to slight change if necessary). The reason for the earlier start is that Cook would like to finish early as it is her holiday. We understand some of you will not be able to arrive by 10am but from 2014’s experience all who want the school tour will be accommodated (Paddy Wedlock’s favourite word, accommodate!)

We will try to be as flexible as possible for those of you who have trains to catch. Please see Mick Abbott on the day or let him know by email beforehand so he can tweak the programme if possible.


For details of your free entry in the draw to win the vintage Port please see this earlier blog post



Event Photographer Wanted

If any of you can act as photographer for the day it would be much appreciated.  Tim Cannadine did it last time but he isn’t coming this year. Please let us know if you can help with this by emailing here:   Photographer


Cray Valley Association Football Poster

John Kay’s School Badge

Short Period of Inactivity

Please note that from today until 14th May there will be no further Blog posts or updating to the Register whilst we take our annual break. Emails will still be answered but the response may be a little slower than normal! (The Register has been dated 14th May 2019).


Cray Valley Association Football

This message and poster were gratefully received from Michael Brimacombe earlier today:

I have been going through some old papers and have come across an information sheet for the school football team ( Under 15’s) for 2nd November 1961. I seem to remember that these were pinned up on the notice board outside Martin Carr’s office. 
This shows who had been selected to play in this match against St Mary’s Grammar.
I am not sure if you have similar documents in the school archives but, if not, here is one to add to the collection.
Very best regards 
Michael Brimacombe

1957 – 1963


This is exactly the sort of material we are always looking for to publish on our Blog and to include in the Image Archive. If you have any similar material which we don’t already have then please submit it for publication. Hard copies are also welcome which can be added to the official Archive held at Bromley Library.
I trawled our archive for a photo of one of the CVTHS football teams but without success – all the team photos we hold are of Rugby teams. Does anyone have a photograph of a CV Football Team we can publish?

Photos From Previous Reunions

Reunion Menu


Mick Abbott, who is organising this year’s 65th Anniversary Reunion, has now directly emailed the 80+ attendees with the following information:

Dear Old Boys,

I have spoken to the School cook and she is able to prepare an ‘old school’ dinner for us. She has suggested:

Shepherds pie with fresh veg, with a vegetarian version also available; a choice of apple crumble & custard, gypsy tart and fresh fruit salad with cream for pud!

I’m afraid the school has been very slow in dealing with us and the cook had not been involved, despite me emailing my contact there, twice.  I mention this as I require your choices as a matter of urgency but I don’t know the price yet.  She has to contact her head office so I won’t know the cost for a short while.

Please respond by return with your choices and if you have any particular dietary requirement, as there is only one suggestion for the main course. She will be able to help as they cater for all needs.

Best wishes, Mick

07703 220857

May we ask you to kindly respond to this request as soon as you are able in order that Mick may place the order well in advance?

Not Too Late to Join the Party!

If you are have not yet read the previous posts about the Reunion on the 31st May there is still time to apply if you want to come along. With over 80 old boys having said they will attend it looks like being the best represented reunion to date. Please don’t miss out as this may well be the last.

Please apply using this form


FREE to enter Draw for a 56 year-old bottle of Vintage Port


Click to find out more!


56 Year-old Taylor’s Port – Up For Grabs!


FREE to enter Draw – 31st May 2019

In the mid 1970s I acquired a bottle of one of the best vintages of Port from the famous Taylors Cellars in Porto. Described on their own website as being a ‘Landmark Vintage’ I still have this 1963 bottle to this day.

From the Taylors Website

Unfortunately I will be unable to attend the 65th Anniversary Reunion personally this year but I wanted to contribute something to mark this milestone occasion and I have decided to donate the bottle in a free draw to be held at the Reunion itself. We are asking ex-Master John Abrook if he will kindly draw the winning ticket on the day and I am sure he will agree.

It is also a thank you gesture to all who have supported the website and blog for the past 18+ years

Rules of Engagement

There will be no charge made for the draw and it is open to all-comers whether attending the reunion or not. One of my tasks throughout the year is to try to encourage more old boys to place their details on the Register and for those who do to kindly make a small contribution towards the annual upkeep of our website and Blog.  So, those are the only two conditions of entry to stand a chance of winning the 1963 Port (which has a current retail value of over £200).

      1. Add your details to the Register and check that they are correctly published within 48 Hours
      2. Kindly make your Voluntary Contribution for 2019.

If you already meet these conditions then your name will be entered on the 31st May and the winner’s name published on this blog the same day. As of today there are 46 who are already entered out of 409 old boys on the Register.



The label on the bottle has long departed but the seal (above) is good and the contents have not decreased. Somebody is going to really enjoy this. In 1980 I spoke to a wine expert on LBC who advised that I should give this vintage another 20 years or so to reach maturity. Well, there’s now another 19 years on top just for good measure!


65th Anniversary (Update 3) – Latest Attendees

Updated Attendees

Mick Abbot has just updated the attendee list for the 65th Anniversary Reunion on the 31st May 2019 and it is published below. If you will be attending, please check that your name is on the list and if not please register again by using the form at the bottom of this post. If your name is already on the list please do not register again.



Please complete this form if you would like to attend the 2019 Reunion on  31 May 2019

Your Voluntary Contribution for 2019

It’s never too late in the current year to help maintain our website and blog simply click HERE to kindly make your contribution.


Letters Home


Letters To Mum & Dad


Sadly our friend John Freed passed away in 2005 but here are some of his words written home to Mum & Dad in 1965 whilst on a school trip on the MS Dunera which included a visit to Sweden from where this air letter was posted.

If you are in possession, or have access to, similar letters written home from a school trip abroad or even from later whilst at university then we would be delighted to publish them here on the blog. Send your submission to


(Click to enlarge)

Previously published 8th May 2015