65th Anniversary (Update 3) – Latest Attendees

Updated Attendees

Mick Abbot has just updated the attendee list for the 65th Anniversary Reunion on the 31st May 2019 and it is published below. If you will be attending, please check that your name is on the list and if not please register again by using the form at the bottom of this post. If your name is already on the list please do not register again.



Please complete this form if you would like to attend the 2019 Reunion on  31 May 2019

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Letters Home


Letters To Mum & Dad


Sadly our friend John Freed passed away in 2005 but here are some of his words written home to Mum & Dad in 1965 whilst on a school trip on the MS Dunera which included a visit to Sweden from where this air letter was posted.

If you are in possession, or have access to, similar letters written home from a school trip abroad or even from later whilst at university then we would be delighted to publish them here on the blog. Send your submission to publish@cvths.com


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Previously published 8th May 2015

New – Chronological Register

One-Off Register in Date Order

We often get comments about finding old school pals from one’s own years at Cray Valley. This ‘one-off’ Register has been put into chronological order by way of the pupil or master’s starting year at the School. Click on the snapshot of the ‘Time Register’ above to take you to this pdf which will make it much easier to see who on the current Register started in the same year as yourself.

If you find this method of listing better than we have used up until now then maybe we should make it a permanent feature? Let me know.

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Reunion – Regrets


We now have old boys coming from as far away as Australia to attend the reunion but for those of you who cannot make the day we will keep this page open to publish your ‘regrets’ and comments. Please refer back to this page from time to time as it will be updated as soon as any further regrets are received.

Jon Wilson

I’ve been looking forward to attending a Cray Valley reunion for a number of years and was excited to hear that the 65th was going to be held in May because my wife, Linda, and I are heading over to the UK next week and will be spending time in Kent. Sadly, we are flying back to Canada on May16th. I’m particularly disappointed because I see that several of my old “chums” are planning to attend. Anyway, my best wishes to all the attendees and I hope the special occasion is a great success!


Peter Donaldson

Sorry I can’t make re-union. Have been seeing if I can fit it in but it is not to be, sadly. The only one coming from my old class is Alan Whitehead I think. So long ago.

Best – Peter

John Chapman

Sorry, working through some health issues – will not be able to make it from USA.

John Chapman

Bob Kingsland

Robert Kingsland

Sadly, I am unable to get to the forthcoming reunion. As it’s half-term, we shall be with our grandchildren. It’s great to see just how many ex-Cray guys will be attending, and all credit, as ever, to Colin, for all his hard work on the website.

My father would be very proud to know just how much Cray meant to so many old boys who continue to remember their years at CVTHS in a positive way. It is clear from looking at the website, that those years ensured that they were well prepared for the big wide world ahead, and its many challenges.

I wish all those who were at Cray when I was every good wish, and I would be delighted to hear from any of them should they care to pick up the phone.





Barry Jackson

Dear Mr Cadle,
Just a short note to make you aware that Jackson, Form 1U, will not be able to attend the reunion scheduled for the 31st of May after all. As you already know Barry has had problems with his thyroid and white blood cell count for a while now. Further he has suffered idiopathic Raynaud’s for many years. He is currently undergoing a range of tests for a number of connective tissue disorders alongside some investigations into possible autoimmune diseases.
Those inconsiderate people at his local hospital, the University Hospital of North Durham, mainly still referred to using its original name as Dryburn, have arranged a series of tests on him on that day. He is not sure if the series is mathematical because if given the choice he said he would have picked Faulhaber’s. However, he expects the treatment will once again be a number of attacks involving a needle and syringe.
 He was certainly looking forward to meeting up with old acquaintances and making new friends, he is hopeful he may attend future gatherings and has set his heart on being around for “Brexit Day” on the 30th February 2033.  Please be kind enough to pass on this message to his fellow pupils, and he sends his fondest regards to you and Jan.
Yours Sincerely
Rt.Rev. Thurston Pancake, St Gravy’s Chevington (Guardian)

John Love


I am so sorry that I will not be able to make the reunion. We have a long standing holiday booking and I don’t think the holiday insurance would cough up the couple of thousand that we have spent on it!! Unfortunately we are well past the date at which we would have only incurred a modest deposit fee loss, mind you, I think there would have been problems with my ‘better half’!!

All the very best to those that know/remember me.



Clive Keen

I’d have loved to have come and see the old place again, particularly since 1959 is so well represented. Could I, I wonder, still recognize Bates, Beer (I almost get into the rhythm of … Cobb, Collier, Coppard… from 1N days) Bailey, Jackson, Wakeham, Hollis et alia. Since someone’s coming from Australia, my explanation that it’s a long way from Northern British Columbia might be a bit feeble, but I’ll use it anyway.

Peter Redman

Unfortunately, whilst I really wanted to be there, as chance would have it in May I’m due one knee replacement operation plus revision treatment on the other knee which has a misaligned prosthesis that has to be corrected.   So regrettably I will not be mobile enough to undertake the journey by 31st May.    I’m pretty gutted about that but I daren’t try to defer it as I’ve waited a year to get this appointment.

I’m sure it will be a great event and I would have really enjoyed attending and reminiscing my very happy and enjoyable days at CVTHS.  It was Mr Kingsland and Dr Fisk who set me on course on a career direction into Chemical Engineering, and and a wonderful career with BP Refining. They are two people in my life to whom I am eternally grateful.  What a great school it was!    Such fond memories.

Hope it is a great event and I’m sorry I can only be with you in spirit.  I look forward to hearing some feedback from it.

Kind regards



Derek Colbourn

I started following the CVTHS website a couple of years ago, hoping to contribute some of my memories between the years 1963-1971, but still trying to locate some pictures I wanted to use. I was due to go on the USA trip in 1969 but unfortunately was knocked off my motorbike on the way home from school the day before, ending up spending several months in the old Queen Mary’s Hospital, and then being in a caliper for 8 months. I therefore missed a year of schooling and had to return to where I left off, hence my ‘extra’ year at Cray Valley.
I replied that I wished to attend the reunion this year. Unfortunately since then I have been diagnosed with cancer and going to have extensive surgery tomorrow, being told that if it is successful it will take me at least a year to recover. I will therefore not be able to attend the reunion, with great regret.
Derek Colbourn

Graham Mitchell

I am very sorry to tell you that I won’t be able to attend the CVTHS reunion on May 31st as Jenny and I are already booked to be at no less than two events in London that day. Unfortunately it is the only day in the latter part of that week which I didn’t have free.
I wish everyone well for a smashing day and I can mark myself 2/3 having been at the first two reunions both of which we’re excellent. Well done to Mick Abbott for his excellent work as organiser. He’s a star!
All the very best,

Martin Meggs

Apologies I will not be able to make the reunion after all. Hope you all have a great day.

Regards Martin

Reunion Attendees – Update

Here is the latest updated list of attendees for the reunion on 31st May 2019


Please Check Your entry



Please Check Your Details Today

With over 70 confirmed attendees for the forthcoming 65th Anniversary Reunion in May now may be a good time to check that your contact details on the Register are correct, especially your email address. Take a look at our last blog post to see who will be attending and you will be able to use the contact in the register to get in touch and plan your meet-up with old pals. To view the updated Register for 01 April 2019 please click HERE. If your details are incorrect simply email me and I will normally have them updated on the same day.


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Go to the block on the upper lefthand side of the blog entitled ‘You are following this Blog’. Click on ‘Manage’ and then check into your ‘account’. Here you will be able to change the recorded email address. Should you have a problem with this simply email me with the old address (to be deleted) and new email addresses you would like updates sent to and I will send you a new invite immediately.

Please note that to change your contact details on the Register you need to email me at colin@cvths.com



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Reunion Attendees 31 May 2019

The following old boys have all expressed their interest in attending the 65th Anniversary Reunion on the 31st May 2019. To add your name to the list please complete the form below:


Please complete this form if you would like to attend the 2019 Reunion on  31 May 2019



If you have not yet seen the earlier post today please read it here as it contains
the Itinerary for the reunion

Reunion – Friday 31st May 2019

A Firm Date For Your Diary

I have just had confirmation from organiser Mick Abbott that our 65th Anniversary Reunion 2019 will be held once again at the School itself from 10.00 am on Friday 31st May. If you would like to attend please complete the form below.

The Itinerary is in its formative stage but so far looks like this:


Commemorative Lapel Badge

Unfortunately there appears to be little appetite for another lapel badge, which I guess is quite understandable if you already have the 60th version. From a disappointing response of only 24 votes just 17 were positive. As there is not sufficient interest to make this an economically viable project we will now no longer pursue it. I expect there would be similar disinterest in producing another commemorative tie so that too will not be taken any further.

Respondents up until 27th March


Flushing out your old school chums

In considering whether to attend this year’s reunion Keith Knight has kindly brought to my attention that there are few old boys on the Register who attended the School at the same time he did. I have asked him to give me a list of old friends he would like to get in touch with and hopefully encourage to attend the reunion in May so that these can be published in the hopes of making contact. This offer is extended to everyone. Simply send me your list of long lost buddies and they will all be published in a single post. Please be quick so that it gives us as much time before the reunion to locate these ‘missing’ persons.


Please complete this form if you would like to attend the 2019 Reunion on  31 May 2019


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